Create Demand. Claim Your Authority. Become A Client Magnet.

Sharing Strategies Proven To Get Results For B2B Companies

With 20+ years of hands-on experience, we remain actively involved in the nitty-gritty aspects of B2B marketing. Our cumulative expertise and insights, gained over two decades, equip us to contribute valuable knowledge and guidance to any venture.

We Help Our Clients Creating Demand, Claiming Their Authority And Becoming Client Magnets

As a strategic B2B marketing agency, we help our clients to create demand from a very early stage in their customers’ journey. By not only focussing on leadgen, but showing our clients’ expertise, they become the authority in their field. And thus, they become the go-to-business when their customers are ready to buy.

Our Mission

At Maxiality, our mission is to empower businesses by providing practical B2B marketing solutions based on our own experiences and the newest insights in the industry. We are committed to a data-driven approach that enables our clients to stand out in the crowd and showcase their expertise.

We believe in delivering strategies and tactics that are practical, ensuring tangible results for our clients. We prioritize focusing on solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into their business operations.

We also value clear and straightforward communication, both within our team and with our clients. Our direct approach allows us to address challenges efficiently and maintain transparency throughout the entire marketing process.

And we are involved on a personal level, building strong relationships to really understand our clients unique needs, and aligning our goals with theirs.

Our Team

With 20+ years of experience in B2B marketing and working with clients in several B2B industries, we provide clarity and best practices when it comes to both strategic and tactical B2B marketing.


Frank Husmann

As a former SaaS founder, I know the challenges and pitfalls all too well. With my experience in B2B marketing and sales, I am happy to help you grow your business.


Esther Konz

As a former interim Agile Marketing Consultant for corporate B2B companies, I've helped countless executives and subject matter experts communicate their thoughts, vision and strategies to the right target audience. ​

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What Our Clients Say

In addition to being an online marketing expert with great knowledge of SEO, content marketing, SAAS and development, Frank also previously owned and sold his own software company. He has a T-profile: marketing and business as well as technology.
— Philip Spaas, SaaS Investor
As a fintech company, we have enjoyed working together for a long time. Frank’s knowledge and expertise in organic growth ensured that Dyme established its name as an expert in personal finance.
— Joran Iedema, CEO Dyme
In the absence of a Dutch marketing manager, Frank supported Circula for several months with strategic advice and initial activities. We were all pleasantly surprised with the speed of results and the significantly improved findability of Circula. In a next start-up / scale-up role, Frank can probably expect another call from me.
— Thomas Hesseling, Marketing Manager Circula
The LinkedIn videos made me more visible as an expert in our industry. Within a month, this resulted in participation in two expert panels where our ideal clients also attended.
- Mathijs Vleeming, Yunits Community Software by Yard
We worked with Maxiality for 2 years to generate more leads in the Netherlands for Minggo. Frank's in-depth knowledge and experience in SaaS marketing proved invaluable. He thinks quickly and effectively in solutions, communicates pleasantly and always with a touch of humor. Thanks for the great results and successful cooperation!
- Nele van Eynde, Marketing Manager HRLinkIT / Minggo