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Is This Holding You Back From Growing Your Business?

Lack of Leads and Opportunities

Creating a go-to-market strategy that drives growth consistently is a challenge. So you end up wasting time and money on different marketing tactics without clear results.

Long Sales Cycles & High Acquisition Costs

Selling high-ticket B2B services requires many touchpoints and long sales cycles.

Not Enough Visibility In Your Market

The buyer journey is more self-served than ever. You are not visible enough in the preferred channels of your prospects.

Building Trust Takes A Long Time

Even when prospects find you, selling a high-ticket technical solution requires even more trust.

What If You Could​:

Consistently Generate More Qualified Inbound Leads

Develop a Better Sales Velocity And Shorten Your Time To Close

Lower Your Acquisition Costs

Change Your Approach​.

Don’t just focus on lead generation and the small percentage of prospects who are in-market ready to buy.

Use your expertise to build trust and create actual demand that consistently generates opportunities.

This way, sales doesn’t feel like selling, but more like having casual chats with prospects. Potential clients find you instead of you chasing them.

And Become The Only Choice In Your Industry:

Get more and consistent opportunities

Shorten sales cycle

Lower acquisition costs

Get more speaking opportunities for podcasts and events

Become the trusted expert in your industry

How We ​Claim Your Authority

  • Leverage our exclusive interview process
    We interview founders and experts like you every month for 1 hour to extract valuable insights and perspectives, creating content that captures your expertise and unique story.

  • Build trust and credibility
    By sharing your expert content, you establish yourself as a go-to resource, gaining the trust and admiration of your target audience.

  • Amplify your influence on LinkedIn
    Our approach harnesses your unique insights, transforming them into captivating content that stops scrollers in their tracks and compels them to take notice.

  • Elevate your brand
    We conduct in-depth interviews with you and transform them into captivating blog posts, positioning you as an authority in your industry and driving organic traffic to your website.

  • Maximize your thought leadership potential
    Our program helps you consistently produce high-quality, value-packed content that resonates with your audience and solidifies your reputation as a thought leader.

What Our Clients Say

Within the first 10 days I already had two demos coming from the LinkedIn video posts you created.
— Robert Verkade, Chief Revenue Officer StoryChief
As a fintech company, we have enjoyed working together for a long time. Maxiality’s knowledge and expertise in organic growth ensured that Dyme established its name as an expert in personal finance.
— Joran Iedema, CEO Dyme
In the absence of a Dutch marketing manager, Maxiality supported Circula for several months with strategic advice and initial activities. We were all pleasantly surprised with the speed of results and the significantly improved findability of Circula. In a next start-up / scale-up role, Maxiality can probably expect another call from me.
— Thomas Hesseling, Marketing Manager Circula
The LinkedIn videos made me more visible as an expert in our industry. Within a month, this resulted in participation in two expert panels where our ideal clients also attended.
- Mathijs Vleeming, Yunits Community Software by Yard
I am very happy with the huge amount of content you guys can create, based on a 1 hour interview. I am excited to do more interviews so that this process can continue!
- Ivar van Duuren, Co-Founder at ISOPlanner
We worked with Maxiality for 2 years to generate more leads in the Netherlands for Minggo. Frank's in-depth knowledge and experience in SaaS marketing proved invaluable. He thinks quickly and effectively in solutions, communicates pleasantly and always with a touch of humor. Thanks for the great results and successful cooperation!
- Nele van Eynde, Marketing Manager HRLinkIT / Minggo
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Frank Husmann


As a former SaaS founder, I know the challenges and pitfalls all too well. With my experience in B2B marketing and sales, I am happy to help you grow your business.


Esther Konz

Content Strategist

As a former interim Agile Marketing Consultant for corporate B2B companies, I've helped countless executives and subject matter experts to communicate their thoughts, vision and strategies to the right target audience.