How To Become An Industry Authority

And Consistently Generate Opportunities

Examples of expert content we’ve created for our Tech customers.

The objective is to consistently position our customers as an expert in their industry and to articulate their solution and advantages clearly. So they become the #1 choice in their market.

And some more international examples:

Testimonials From SaaS Founders

As a fintech company, we have enjoyed working together for a long time. Maxiality’s knowledge and expertise in organic growth ensured that Dyme established its name as an expert in personal finance.
— Joran Iedema, CEO Dyme
I am very happy with the huge amount of content you guys can create, based on a 1 hour interview. I am excited to do more interviews so that this process can continue!
- Ivar van Duuren, Co-Founder at ISOPlanner
The LinkedIn videos made me more visible as an expert in our industry. Within a month, this resulted in participation in two expert panels where our ideal clients also attended.
- Mathijs Vleeming, Yunits Community Software by Yard

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What Our Clients Say

In the absence of a Dutch marketing manager, Maxiality supported Circula for several months with strategic advice and initial activities. We were all pleasantly surprised with the speed of results and the significantly improved findability of Circula. In a next start-up / scale-up role, Maxiality can probably expect another call from me.
— Thomas Hesseling, Marketing Manager Circula
In addition to being an online marketing expert with great knowledge of SEO, content marketing, SaaS and development, Frank also previously owned and sold his own software company. He has a T-profile: marketing and business as well as technology.
— Philip Spaas, SaaS Investor