Demand generation is crucial for B2B companies that have a long sales cycle, for example SaaS companies with a high Life Time Value (LTV). This requires a deep understanding of the market, the customer and effective marketing strategies.

A B2B Demand Generation agency specializes in these effective strategies and plays an indispensable role in the success of B2B companies.

The role of a B2B Demand Generation agency

A demand generation agency focuses on creating awareness and demand for a company’s products or services among potential customers. This is an ongoing process that involves not only generating sales opportunities but also maintaining and strengthening relationships with existing customers.

The ultimate goal is to create a sustainable pipeline of qualified opportunities that ultimately lead to sales. A B2B Demand Generation agency does not drive marketing qualified leads (MQLs) but sales qualified opportunities (SQLs): more quality than quantity. One way to measure this is to calculate pipeline velocity.

Strategy and Planning

Every successful demand-generation initiative begins with thorough strategy and planning. The agency will work with your company to identify goals, define your ideal customer profile (ICP), and determine the most effective channels and messages to achieve the goals.

Content Creation and Distribution

Content plays a crucial role in demand generation. The agency is responsible for creating relevant and engaging content that appeals to the target audience. This content can range from blog posts and white papers to webinars and videos.

It is also important to choose the right distribution channels to ensure the content reaches the target audience. Usually, this is LinkedIn and Google but podcast distribution is also an option.

Content distribution is done by content repurposing in different formats for the channels where your target audience is active.

Demand Capturing

A B2B Demand Generation Agency will also implement strategies and tactics to capture the demand of prospects and let them eventually become hand-raisers: they want to get started with your product or service. This can include implementing Google Ads campaigns or an SEO strategy.

Benefits of working with a Demand Generation agency

  • Expertise: An agency has specialized knowledge and experience in B2B marketing strategies and tactics because they set up campaigns for different clients and therefore have more insight.
  • Time and Cost Savings: Outsourcing demand-generation activities can be more efficient than building an in-house team, both in terms of time and cost.
  • Access to advanced technology: Many agencies have access to advanced marketing technologies and tools that would otherwise require a significant investment. For example, we set up proprietary dashboarding and developed a tool for better LinkedIn analytics.
  • Scalability: With an agency, you can quickly scale up marketing efforts without the overhead of hiring additional staff.

Criteria for choosing a Demand Generation agency

When selecting an agency, it is important to consider several factors:

  • Experience and expertise: Look for an agency with proven experience in your industry or sector.
  • Proven results: Ask for case studies or testimonials that demonstrate the effectiveness of their strategies. Check out our testimonials of clients we’ve helped with Demand Generation here.
  • Strategic approach: The agency should have a clear methodology for planning and executing demand generation campaigns. Check out our unique approach to LinkedIn advertising and LinkedIn organic combined with advertising.
  • Technological capabilities: Make sure the agency has access to the latest marketing technologies and can deploy them effectively.
  • Cultural fit: It is important that there is good chemistry between your team and the agency to ensure a successful partnership.


Working with a specialized B2B Demand Generation Agency can have a significant impact on a company’s growth and success. Through their expertise, technology, and strategies, an agency can help businesses effectively reach their target audience, generate leads, and ultimately generate more sales.

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