The biggest platform for B2B is LinkedIn: the business social network that connects professionals. It is important to present on this social network in an effective way so that you expand your network and gain new clients from the platform.

But setting up a great LinkedIn profile and posting content regularly can be time-consuming and is not easy for everyone. This is where a LinkedIn ghostwriter can help you.

What is a LinkedIn Ghostwriter?

A LinkedIn ghostwriter is someone who writes for others on LinkedIn without getting credits as an author. A LinkedIn ghostwriter writes the text for your profile, creates a content strategy, creates the posts for your profile and schedules the posts to increase your visibility on LinkedIn. This causes people to see you as an authority and this, in turn, ultimately creates new clients.

Why Hire a LinkedIn Ghostwriter?

Hiring a LinkedIn ghostwriter offers several benefits:

  1. You save valuable time that can be spent on other important aspects of your work. Writing compelling and engaging content for your profile requires time, research, and writing skills that not everyone possesses.
  2. Professional ghostwriters have expertise in personal branding and marketing strategies. They know how to highlight your unique skills, experiences, and personality to make a positive impression on potential employers, clients, and colleagues.
  3. A ghostwriter can help you formulate clear and engaging messaging that reflects your professional goals. They know the right words to use and understand how to best convey your story concisely and effectively.

For Whom is a LinkedIn Ghostwriter Beneficial?

A LinkedIn ghostwriter is especially valuable to these different groups of professionals:
Entrepreneurs and founders: As an entrepreneur or founder of your company, it is important to present yourself as an expert in your field. A ghostwriter helps you share your unique skills and experiences compellingly. This increases your authority in your market and increases your reliability among prospects and clients.

1. Professionals with limited writing skills or time

Not everyone feels comfortable writing or has the time to do so. A LinkedIn ghostwriter helps formulate your ideas in clear, professional language.

2. Job seekers

Having a well-written LinkedIn profile can be decisive in finding new career opportunities. A ghostwriter can optimize your profile and make it stand out among the competition.

3. Famous people

Top athletes and politicians also often have books written by a ghostwriters because they prefer to focus on their own expertise.

4. Dyslexics

People with dyslexia find it difficult to get their thoughts clearly on paper but often have a vision or message.

How Does a LinkedIn Ghostwriter Work?

The process of a LinkedIn ghostwriter can vary depending on your needs and goals. Generally, the ghostwriter will work with you to understand your professional background, skills, and goals. Then he or she will draft your profile text and other relevant sections. Some ghostwriters do this by conducting an interview and working it out in text.

After feedback from your side, a ghostwriter makes changes to ensure that the text is accurate and compelling. The goal is to create LinkedIn content that feels authentic and represents you as a professional.

Tips for Working With a LinkedIn Ghostwriter

Here are some tips to ensure that you work successfully with a ghostwriter and avoid disappointment.

  1. Choose a ghostwriter who has proven quality and experience to avoid disappointment due to poor writing quality.
  2. Work toward your end goal in a structured way and schedule checkpoints during the process. For example, ask the writer to send you every LinkedIn post before publication. This prevents unpleasant surprises and allows you to make timely adjustments if necessary.
  3. Choose a ghostwriter who can not only write, but also spar about the content creation process. Ideally, someone with experience as a B2B marketer because a good strategy yields double success.
  4. Make clear agreements and record them. This way you avoid ambiguities or disappointment and there is clarity on issues such as copyright.
  5. Check if there is a click with the ghostwriter. Take the time for a personal introduction and use both your intellect and your feelings. Is this a professional who understands you?

Ghostwriters and Copyright

An important aspect of working with a LinkedIn ghostwriter is copyright. Although the ghostwriter is responsible for the writing, you always retain ownership of your profile and the content the ghostwriter writes on your behalf. The content created by the ghostwriter ultimately becomes your property.

However, normally a ghostwriter never lists his or her name as the author on your LinkedIn profile. This makes it seem like you are responsible for writing your own content.


A professionally written LinkedIn profile or organic post can make a big difference in how others see and approach you on this business social network.

If you don’t have the time or struggle to write compelling content, hiring a LinkedIn ghostwriter may be the solution. With their expertise and skills, they will strengthen your professional brand and help you achieve your goals.

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